Arkansas Headwaters Wildfire/Watershed Assessment

Turquoise Lake from Leadville

Turquoise Lake from Leadville

Project Summary

We completed the first Arkansas Headwaters Watershed Assessment in 2011. The assessment followed a procedure prescribed by the Front Range Watershed Protection Data Refinement Work Group titled “Protecting Critical Watersheds in Colorado from Wildfire: A Technical Approach to Watershed Assessment and Prioritization”. See Watershed Wildfire Protection Group for more information.
Since then several things have happened that provided an opportunity for the stakeholders to get together again to get an update and additional information. The updates are -

  • The more recent wildfire/watershed assessments are adding an additional item - identification of opportunities and constraints. This process involves looking at the watershed zones of concern and identifying opportunity areas. Remember that this process is focused on hazards to water supply.
  • Updates on additional information from other projects will also be discussed and incorporated as deemed appropriate by the stakeholders.

We have completed the second Arkansas Headwaters Wildfire/Watershed Assessment report. The report and related documents can be found below in the Documents section. A slide show of the maps from the report can be viewed in the Maps section.