Aurora Watershed Management Plan

We have completed the technical components of a watershed management plan for the City of Aurora. The plan has not been finalized and published yet.

The large assessment was divided into 16 Sub-basins. A slide show with maps of the key components of the watershed assessment portion of the plan are presented below for each sub-basin. 


Lower South Platte Sub-Basin

Cherry Creek Sub-Basin

Clear Creek Sub-Basin

Bear CreeK Sub-Basin

CHatfield Reservoir Sub-Basin

Upper South Platte Sub-Basin

Cheesman Reservoir Sub-Basin

Tarryall Creek Sub-Basin

Spinney Elevenmile Sub-Basin

MIddle Fork South Platte Sub-Basin

Antero Reservoir Sub-Basin

Blue River Sub-Basin

Eagle River Sub-Basin

Lower Arkansas Headwaters Sub-Basin

Upper Arkansas Headwaters Sub-Basin

Roaring Fork Sub-Basin