Crossons-Longview Forest Restoration Environmental Assessment

Project Summary

JW Associates completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) through Healthy Forest Restoration Act (HFRA) authority for the South Platte Ranger District of the Pike National Forest. The Crossons-Longview Forest Restoration Environmental Assessment will improve the health of the forest and increase its resiliency to catastrophic, high intensity wildfire,  insect epidemics and disease. 
The project will;

  • Reduce the potential of catastrophic, high-intensity wildfire with uncontrollable fire behavior, such as active crown fire.
  • Reduce the potential that a wildfire would negatively affect public water supplies from subsequent severe flooding and sedimentation.
  • Improve forest health, vigor, and resilience to large-scale fire, insects and disease.
  • Enhance wildlife habitat through the reduction of the potential for catastrophic wildfires, enhancement of shrublands and aspen habitat, and Pawnee montane skipper habitat. 
  • Increase recreational opportunities in an area which receives high recreation demand locally and from the Denver Metropolitan Area.

The proposed action is to treat approximately 11,700 acres to restore the montane forest ecosystem towards its historic conditions. The 20,000 acres of treatment contain Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, Mixed conifer, Lodgepole pine, Aspen and shrublands. 

The project has been completed and included; scoping (including 2 scoping meetings), development and refinement of the proposed action, and issues and alternatives. In addition to writing the EA document, we also managed the drafting and revising of 8 specialist reports, including the Biological Evaluation/Biological Evaluation Assessment. Brad Piehl was the project manager and watershed lead. Jessica Wald was the public involvement lead and writer/editor. 

The Decision Notice/Finding of No Significant Impact has been signed and the project is being implemented.