Nellis Dunes OHV Special Recreation Area

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Project Summary

Nellis Dunes OHV Special Recreation Area (Nellis Dunes) is currently an off highway vehicle (OHV) area managed by the USDI Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Las Vegas Field Office. Nellis Dunes is approximately 10,000 acres in size and is managed as an unrestricted or “open” OHV area. There are no designated trails, improved parking lots or other facilities and no fees are charged for use of the area. It is a popular area because it is on the edge of the Las Vegas metropolitan area and it is one of the few OHV areas that are open on federal lands in southern Nevada. It currently does not have any special designations or protections by the BLM other than being designated as an open OHV area in their Resource Management Plan.  

In the fall of 2005, Clark County met with BLM to begin to identify what options were legally available for local governments to acquire title or lease of the Nellis Dunes for the purpose of providing a Motorized Recreation Park for the community.  Both BLM and Clark County agree the community needs an off-highway vehicle area for Clark County residents.

JW Associates worked for BLM to form an Inter-entity partnership to make sure that the stakeholders were involved in the design and execution of a public comment process. The Inter-entity partnership consists of the following agencies.

  • USDI Bureau of Land Management - Las Vegas Field Office
  • Clark County, Nevada
  • US Department of Defense - Nellis Air Force Base
  • City of North Las Vegas, Nevada

Brad Piehl facilitated the Inter-entity partnership and three public meetings to provide information on the potential conveyance of Nellis Dunes to Clark County and solicit comments from the public. The meetings were well attended with more than 200 people attending in total. 

The results of the meetings showed some strong opinions against Clark County owning Nellis Dunes due to concerns that it would be developed or mismanaged. JW Associates facilitated the second Inter-entity partnership meeting to present the results of the public comments and create a path forward. The solution that was proposed and since adopted results in Clark County gaining ownership and control of a small portion of Nellis Dunes for a motocross track and other focused activities, with BLM retaining the remainder for open OHV use. The area would be protected by Congress, if approved.