Upper Cucharas River Watershed Pre-Fire Assessment & Treatment Identification

Cucharas SW Graphic.jpg

Project Summary

JW Associates completed a project that has resulted in a comprehensive pre-wildfire assessment of the Upper Cucharas River Watershed and the identification of watershed protection projects. The following tasks are part of this project -

  • Cucharas River Wildfire/Watershed Assessment
  • Small-scale Watershed Hazard Prioritization and Targeting
  • Identification of Watershed Protection Projects
  • Identification and Analysis of Post-fire Sediment Basins

The Cucharas River Wildfire/Watershed Assessment has been completed. It identifies watershed hazards, uses hazards to prioritize, and recommends measures to protect those watersheds that provide or convey critical community water supplies from the adverse effects of post-wildfire hydrologic changes, including flooding, erosion, debris flows, and deposition. The report also contains an opportunities and constraints analysis that identifies potential next steps for watershed protection.

The second phase of this project completed an assessment of hazards in small-scale watersheds (7th level watersheds) in the Upper Cucharas River. This analysis included some of the analysis completed at the larger scale assessment but also added sediment transport and deposition analysis.

The third phase of this project focused on identifying watershed protection projects in small-scale watersheds identified as the highest hazards in the two assessments. The report focused on identifying three separate projects; vegetation management areas, sediment basin locations and road/stream crossings that were undersized or inadequate.

The last phase of the project was a site-specific evaluation and design of post-fire sediment basins and identification of undersized culverts. This report provides locations, design and capacity information for 38 sediment basins in the Upper Cucharas River Watershed.