Watershed Wildfire Protection Group

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The Watershed Wildfire Protection Group (WWPG), which began as part of the Front Range Roundtable, was formed to identify hazards to water supplies from wildfires in Colorado. JW Associates facilitated the WWPG during the development of a watershed prioritization process in 2007. The WWPG is a diverse group of watershed stakeholders including the major water providers in the Front Range and Federal and State land management agencies.

JW Associates has implemented the WWPG watershed prioritization approach in more than 15 watersheds in Colorado and Wyoming. Brad Piehl was the technical lead and facilitator of the stakeholder groups for those projects. These highly diverse stakeholder groups included water providers, federal and state agencies, county commissioners, local officials, local watershed non-profits, conservation organizations, timber industry associations, recreation organizations, HOAs, private landowners and other interested parties. Brad led these groups through a decision-making process that ultimately determined watershed priorities and identification of target areas for wildfire hazard reduction projects. 

A number of watershed groups are implementing projects identified in the wildfire/watershed assessments, including; Denver Water, Aurora Water, Colorado Springs Utilities, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, Pueblo Water, and others. Many of these water providers have entered into an memorandums of understanding (MOU) with the US Forest Service to complete watershed protection projects. The Denver Water partnership with the US Forest Service, called Forests to Faucets, has the US Forest Service matching Denver Water’s $16.5 million over 10 years to complete watershed protection.  

The Colorado State Forest Service hosts the main WWPG website.